A personal chef will bring a busy family back to the dinner

We offer menu planning, grocery shopping and preparing  
delicious, nutritious meals, plus we do the clean up.
 With a
personal chef you will have more free time to enjoy the
important things in life.

If you are too tired, too busy, having a party or you just
don't know what to cook, a personal chef is the answer.
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Julia Ewens
Personal Chef Service
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Having a personal chef come to you and prepare your
meals, you will have more time for your family and better
quality food than commercially frozen entrees.  You will be
eating what you want the fresh and healthy way.
Having a personal chef isn't just for the rich and famous!  
Many clients are regular, time-starved professionals and
Just imagine coming home after a long busy day, and the
only thing you have to do is
warm up your dinner and enjoy
it.  No more fast food,
just a healthy, well-balanced and
delicious dinner and it is even in your own home.  No more
take out!
Email is the best way to reach us:
Who are we?

We provide personal chef service that provides a quality meal in your home.  Cooking
is my passion and I believe food is better when made to order with the customers
likes in mind and something is lost when producing mass quantities of food.
Why a personal chef?

Meals are prepared in the safety of your home with fresh ingredients purchased on
the morning of your cook date.
Menus are customized to your preferences.
You spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends.
Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning up your kitchen are all taken care of by us.
Never worry about whats for dinner again.
We can help you stick to an eating program.
We will help you eat healthier.
We help you give up fast food or eating late.
How does it work?

We will go over your preferences, allergies, and types of food you like.  With your
approval we will create a menu, and set a cook date.  I take a deposit to lock in your
cook date.  I show up on your scheduled day and time and prepare a wonderful
meal for you and your family.
What services are available?

We provide a number of different services, these are just a few.

In home meal preparation
Nutritional Cooking for Dietary Restrictions
Upscale or Family Style meals
Backyard BBQ
Holiday Dinners
and more....
Please leave a message if unavailable